Spray Guns

The Right Equipment Matters

Selecting the proper equipment is important for doing any job properly. Choosing your spray gun is not just a simple task of picking one from a catalog. You must first have a clear understanding of the technical requirements of the product you’re going to spray and then select the proper spray gun and spray gun setup so together they function properly.

We recommend using one of the SIMALFA spray guns as they are proven to work extremely well. However, other manufacturers may also produce one that's suitable. If you choose a spray gun from another manufacturer, please make sure all fluid passageways coming in contact with Simalfa are stainless steel, plastic (PVC), or nylon. Definitely no vinyl hoses or colored metals including aluminum, steel, or brass. You’ll also need to select the proper setup (nozzle, needle, air cap) for the Simalfa product you’ll be using. This may require some testing, of which we can assist.

Advantage of the SIMALFA HVLP Spray Guns

To begin, we’ve done all the testing so you can be confident they work. Our staff is technically knowledgeable in every aspect of the spray gun operation and how each works along with our adhesives and delivery methods – You have only one supplier for your entire adhesive system. If your spray gun needs repair and it’s beyond your expertise, just send it to us and we’ll rebuild it. In fact, while we repair your spray gun we’ll lend you one of ours at no-charge. We’ll even supply the repair labor for FREE.


Simalfa-KulKote HVLP | G21 Spray Gun

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Maintenance – General

simalfa spray gun g21 general maintenance

Maintenance – Changing The Packing

simalfa spray gun g21 maintenance video changing the packing

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Manteniento – General

simalfa spray gun g21 manteniento general

Manteniento – Cambio el Empaque

simalfa spray gun g21 manteniento cambio el empaque

Common Questions

What is HVLP?

HVLP is an acronym for High Volume, Low Pressure. An HVLP Spray Gun has a very low atomization pressure at the air nozzle (less than 10psi) and a very high transfer efficiency of the adhesive onto the substrate. This means no over-spray or wasted adhesive, and the production area where the glue is being applied is cleaner - saving adhesive and costs.

Can I use a conventional high pressure spray gun with SIMALFA?

Yes. However, conventional spray guns use very high pressure so you’ll experience greater adhesive consumption and increased overspray when comparing to an HVLP spray gun.

Can I use my current spray gun?

We’re not sure until we learn more about the manufacturer, type and setup of the spray gun you’re using. To begin, SIMALFA requires a spray gun with stainless steel fluid passageways and a setup (nozzle, needle & air cap) that meets the requirements of the particular Simalfa product you select. In the majority of cases where the current spray gun is used, a setup change will be necessary.