Getting Started


Getting started with the KulKote system is literally as easy as 1-2-3. The KulKote Free Flowing System consists of 3 key components: a container of KulKote, a fluid hose, and an HVLP spray gun.

When you receive your KulKote system, you’ll be ready to spray within 5 minutes. Just attach the hose to both the container and the spray gun, elevate the box, connect your air line, and begin spraying! No more costly pumps or pressure pots to maintain, no empty containers to store, no headaches, and no mess. It’s the most simple, and cost effective system on the market, and it’s available exclusively from KulKote.

Just give us a call and our highly trained staff of experts will work with you to get you started. You can have our staff contact you immediately through our Contact Us form.

Things to Know When Getting Started

DescriptionProvided byOther
KulKote 5 gallon | 20 kg containerKulKote
KulKote HVLP Spray GunKulKote
KulKote Free Flowing System HoseKulKote
Compressed air for atomizationYour equipment
Atomization Air HoseYour equipmentKulKote can supply if required
Means to elevate and support the containerYour equipmentKulKote can supply if required