International Shipping

Pallet – 45 Boxes (900kg Net)

955 kg55 kg900 kg
163 cm95.25 cm95.25 cm
Container TypePallets / BoxesGross kgNet kg
20' Standard12 / 54011,46010,800
40' Standard24 / 1,08022,92021,600
20' Reefer10 / 4509,0009,550
40' Reefer24 / 1,08022,92021,600
kulkote 45 boxes

SCHUTZ Tote (1000kg Net)

1055 kg55 kg1000 kg
117 cm102 cm122 cm
Container TypePalletsGross kgNet kg
20' Standard1010,55010,000
40' Standard1818,99018,000
20' Reefer1010,55010,000
40' Reefer1818,99018,000

Participate in the SCHUTZ recycling program.

kulkote schutz container

*Tare weights for all containers are estimates as there can be variations due to inconsistencies in the packaging materials. For example, the weight of a pallet can vary greatly based on the type of construction used, type of wood used, and moisture content of the wood. Each container is filled by zeroing the tare so that material weight is 100% accurate.