KulKote vs Gel

The application of KulKote provides initial cooling, continuous temperature regulation, and breathability for increased comfort.

kulkote breathable


KulKote is breathable. Gels create a non-breathable barrier that builds heat and prevents the wicking of moisture.
kulkote temperature regulation

Temperature Regulation

KulKote continually regulates temperature to provide a more comfortable environment. Gels have an initial cool feel but then become a heatsink making for an uncomfortable setting.
kulkote layer

Doesn't Affect Feel

KulKote doesn't affect the feel of the foam or textile. Gels are a rubbery surface and alter the feel, support, response and breathability.
kulkote works

Actually Works!

KulKote works! KulKote provides continuous temperature regulation for ideal comfort. Gels are simply a marketing story.