Layer Cost Analysis

This calculator will display a cost comparison (6 columns) based on the quantity of KulKote applied for easy viewing and analysis. Simply insert cost, minimum application amount, column increase amount and coverage percentage, then press calculate. Use Application type field for custom sizes such as pillows, cushions, etc.

Inventory Planning

This calculator will display quantity of a product you will be able to produce from one package of KulKote. All container sizes are displayed.

*Estimates based on a uniform coverage of application amount. Your results may vary depending on application method – manual spray, auto spray, or roll coat.


This calculator is for determining the grams per square meter (g/m²) applied for smaller items. This is a great tool for the product development process. Simply enter the area of application, provide the starting coverage (g/m²), and the increase amount. Then weigh the item, apply KulKote, and weigh again. The difference between the before and after weight should equal your target add-on quantity. This way you’re certain to apply the desired amount (g/m²).