It Works!

KulKote WORKS by utilizing multiple Phase Change Materials (PCMs) that activate at a variety of temperatures, and water based polymers that have temperature regulating characteristics. KulKote is designed to offer both an immediate and long lasting impact that will bring value to your customers. The energy absorption capabilities of our PCM’s are unmatched in the marketplace. This results in a coating that has a real and quantifiable effect over the life of your products. It’s not just marketing hype.

KulKote Thermal proof

Temperature Regulation

The goal of KulKote is long term temperature regulation. Other PCM products offer an immediate cooling effect, but that effect dissipates quickly. KulKote delivers immediate, ongoing, measurable, and noticeable results. As body heat comes in contact with KulKote, the PCM’s begin absorbing and releasing energy based on their specific melting points. As the PCM’s absorb heat, a cooling effect is created. As the heat source is removed, the heat energy is released. This leads to a decrease in temperature fluctuations, creating a more soothing and comfortable experience.

KulKote Temperature regulation