Key Advantages

kulkote technology

Technology That Works, Not Just Marketing Hype

KulKote simply works. The so called cooling foams and other cooling products are just marketing hype. KulKote brings added value to your customers and sustainable growth to your company.
kulkote value adding


Your company will enjoy increased growth when adding KulKote temperature regulating technology into your products. Be competitive, reduce R&D costs, limit design changes, and return value to your customers.
kulkote low startup cost

Low Startup Investment

Regardless of the size and volume of your company. Simply invest in a 20kg box (44 lbs.) and get on your way to delivering added performance to your products.
kulkote foam and fabrics

Independent of Foam or Fabric Type

KulKote adds both performance and value to your products. KulKote can be applied to meet the specific needs of your product construction.
kulkote application control

Application Control to Meet Price Point

KulKote can be applied in any quantity to meet any price point goal. Apply lower quantities for entry level products, higher quantities for more luxury items. In the end, all products will deliver value to your customers while growing your business.