How We Work

Product Quality & Performance

Our products are made using the highest quality raw materials and production methods to ensure performance. Read more about quality.

We’re All About Speed

We’re all about speed is what best describes our initiative to offer customers instant gratification regardless of their needs. We continue to invest in both technology and staff so we can provide quality products, service, and information with speed and accuracy.

Please review below just some of the ways we implement our "We're all about SPEED" initiative.

Team KulKote

When you need something, it doesn't matter who answers our phones. Team KulKote is a philosophy, a corporate culture that guides us each day for the benefit of our customers. For example, when we receive a call, the person who first answers will be capable of accommodating their requests. Whether it’s placing an order, requesting an SDS, addressing a technical question, or help with a spray gun, a customer’s requirements are always met quickly and without delay.

Unrivaled Service

It’s not uncommon for staff members to make about 60 phone calls each day. Our focus is on serving our customers by managing our business in a proactive, not a reactive way. We understand the many issues our customers deal with daily while managing their own businesses, so by anticipating their needs we can help prevent stressful situations, such as being out of product.

Paperless Office

For the environment, for our customers, our company policy is NO PAPER. In addition to saving the world's forests, being paperless allows us to react quickly by providing all of our documents electronically and by responding to our customers' needs instantly. Wouldn’t it be great if ALL of your vendors worked this way?

No Lead Times

We have a saying: “If the customer wanted it next week, they would ask for it next week”. That’s why we ship all orders on a same day basis. Backorders? Not here! We stock everything you need for the complete KulKote system including spray guns, accessories, and system components.

Order + Shipping Confirmations

Once your order is placed, our sophisticated IT system takes over by providing you with automatic confirmations via email. You’ll receive an order confirmation, a notification when our warehouse is preparing your order, and a shipping confirmation with tracking number when your order is on it way. “What’s the status of my order?” You’ll never have to ask that question again.

No Hassle Guarantee

We know that long-term relationships with our customers are the key to our success. That's why we stand behind our products and services. We always provide top performing, premier quality products and service to all customers regardless of size. It's our Guarantee!