Pressure Cube

System Description

The KulKote Pressure Cube combines the technology of a traditional pressure tank with our unique packaging to create an extremely efficient and simple to use delivery system.

The KulKote Pressure Cube is ideal for applications where adhesive needs to travel a long distance, or when a facility is restricted by low ceiling height. Unlike traditional pressure tanks, the KulKote Pressure Cube requires no transfer of adhesive. Our 20kg box fits inside and acts as a cartridge. This eliminates the maintenance that is so often associated with pressure tanks.

Designed for use with the KulKote HVLP Spray Gun, the KulKote Pressure Cube is both compact and portable, allowing for use in multiple application areas.

Pressure Cube Guide


  • Deliver KulKote Over Long Horizontal Distance
  • Accommodate Low Ceiling Heights
  • Accommodate Areas Hard to Reach with a Forklift
  • Accommodates Multiple Application Areas + Spray Guns
  • Portable
  • Cartridge based system that does not require material transfer