Custom Colors

Unlimited Options

The KulKote line of water based temperature regulating coatings is available in a variety of standard color options, depending on the formulation. We offer these choices to help our clients fill a specific need in regards to application and process. Some clients like to be able to see the coating being applied, want to display the product to end buyers, while others don't.

We also have the capability of producing our products with a custom color if one of our standard options is not ideal for a client’s application.

Things to Consider

Color - whether a custom color is required for matching a substrate or just as a visual aid, we work closely with each client for a unique result that's repeatable. The client must understand that the color of the product may vary between batches due to variations in color of the underlying raw materials.

Product Volume - a custom color is best suited for a client who is able to commit to and use 2000kgs or 500 gallons.

Custom Color Requirements

  • Approve and implement the appropriate KulKote formulation in a standard color.
  • Determine if the purchase volume fulfills the minimum batch size for a custom color.
  • Determine the desired custom color.
  • Evaluate custom color samples of the KulKote product.
  • Approve custom color.
  • Place POs in advance as custom colored products are made-to-order and require additional time to schedule production.
kulkote custom color