It’s simple... you’ll bring value to your consumer while adding sustainable growth to your business.
KulKote is a Temperature Regulating Technology. It’s a proprietary coating consisting of water based polymers and Phase Change Materials (PCM). This coating can be applied to foams or fabrics for the purpose of regulating body temperature.
Phase Change Material (PCM) is a substance with a high heat of fusion which, by melting and solidifying at certain temperatures is capable of storing and releasing large amounts of energy. PCM’s either absorb or release heat when the material changes from solid to liquid and vice versa. PCM’s are classified as latent heat storage (LHS) units. When a PCM is cold, it releases a large amount of energy at a relatively constant temperature. Conversely, when energy is applied, it absorbs a large amount of heat from the environment. Think of the PCM as a jelly bean – hard outer shell with a soft inside. The soft inside, absorbs and releases heat as conditions change, for temperature control.
KulKote can be used in the following industries - bedding, automotive, aerospace, furniture, medical, footwear, sporting goods, and pet products.
KulKote can be applied in any quantity to meet any price point goal. Apply lower quantities for entry level products, higher quantities for more luxury items. In the end, all products will deliver value to your customers while growing your business.
The energy management properties remain day after day, allowing end users to enjoy the benefits of KulKote for the lifetime of the product where it is applied.
No! It’s a water based product. Please reach out to us if you have any futher questions, as we are happy to always help.
It’s a water based system that we would not want to freeze. For both shipping and storage it is recommended in temperatures above 5C/45F. Once applied there’s no concern.
It depends on how much you apply along with the temperature and humidity conditions within the factory. We're happy to help you determine exact usage and dry times, just contact us.
KulKote can be applied via a roll coater, hand roll, manual and automatic spray, and print methods.
No. However, as you know any mattress build would need to be tested.
Yes. KulKote can be applied while retaining a surface that is very “breathable” or permeable to air and moisture, which contributes to efficient heat convection and the natural cooling mechanisms of the body.
No, that would be related to the quality of foam being used.
ILD will not be impacted by KulKote. ILD is directly related to the quality of foam being used.
No, that would be related to the quality of foam being used.
Initially, KulKote will give you a cool feel as there has been little to no energy absorbed into the material. As you lie or sit on the surface longer, the effect becomes more neutral as the material and body temperature continue to interact. As you change positions the microcells within the coating regenerate themselves, further contributing to the thermal regulation effect.
Gel does absolutely nothing except create a non-breathable barrier that builds up heat, and perspiration. This creates discomfort during the night causing the consumer to be hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable, interrupting REM sleep cycles as they toss & turn until morning. Gel seals off all the foam’s pores and allows for NO airflow at all.NO wicking value. Thermal mass of the Gel is cool at first but will become a HEAT SINK after a period of time. Gel makes the foam’s natural pressure relief characteristics non-existent as it doesn’t “give” like foam. When applied to foam it acts as a trampoline and pushes back on the body - doesn’t allow for envelopment. Think about this….you’re sleeping on a rubber surface. The application of KulKote still allows the foam to be breathable while creating an initial cooling effect that becomes a temperature neutralization story for a better night’s sleep. Gel is, and always has been just a marketing story. KulKote works!
PCM in the cover is cheap but doesn’t work. PCM in the cover can’t be applied at a quantity to be effective. It feels cool initially, but the effect rapidly dissipates. KulKote is made with PCM’s with various melting points. This allows for true temperature regulation over time. KulKote brings value to the consumer. PCM in the cover is marketing hype.