Container Sizes

kulkote 5kg box

Box (20 kg Net)

46.42 lb | 21.10 kg2.42 lb | 1.10 kg44 lb | 20 kg
12 in | 30.5 cm12.25 in | 31 cm12.25 in | 31 cm

With Insulated Container

53.88 lb | 24.02 kg9.88 lb | 4.02 kg44 lb | 20 kg
21 in | 53.34 cm16 in | 40.6416 in | 40.64

Insulated containers are used for single box shipments when using UPS, FedEx, DHL and other similar carriers to protect the material from freezing. These carriers offer no guarantee the product will not freeze. However, by using this packaging we can substantially reduce the risk for our clients.

kulkote schutz container

Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) (1000 kg Net)

2332 lb | 1055 kg121 lb | 55 kg2200 lb | 1000kg
46 in | 117 cm40 in | 102 cm48 in | 122 cm

Due to the lack of consistent supply of IBCs with the same valves, it is possible to receive one of several different valve types. It's important to understand each type so that the proper connection can be made for use.

View tote valves and connection information.

*Tare weights for all containers are estimates as there can be variations due to inconsistencies in the packaging materials. For example, the weight of a pallet can vary greatly based on the type of construction used, type of wood used, and moisture content of the wood. Each container is filled by zeroing the tare so that material weight is 100% accurate.