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Temperature Regulating

KulKote is a Temperature Regulating Technology. It's a proprietary coating consisting of water based polymers and Phase Change Materials (PCMs). It’s an industrial product that is used in consumer goods. KulKote is typically applied to flexible foams, textiles, and/or fibers for the purpose of regulating body temperature.

Phase Change Technology

KulKote works by using multiple Phase Change Materials (PCMs) that activate at a variety of temperatures and water-based polymers that have temperature regulating characteristics. As body heat encounters KulKote, the PCMs begin absorbing and releasing energy. As KulKote PCMs absorb heat, a cooling effect is created. As the heat source is removed, the heat energy is released providing insulation. This continuous cycle manages temperature and provides optimal comfort.

Keeping You At Optimal Comfort

The function of KulKote is long-term temperature regulation. This leads to a decrease in temperature fluctuations, creating a more comfortable experience.

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KulKote can store and release large amounts of energy, typically in the form of heat. As the temperature rises, KulKote will absorb heat and provide cooling. As the temperature decreases, KulKote releases the energy it absorbs providing warmth/insulation.
No, it will always work and never wear out. It’s even washable.
All temperatures. KulKote will not generate heat or cold but regulate temperature for more comfort.

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